Compostable bagasse bowls are just the beginning of green food service

Author : Anne Dakan
Update time : 2022-01-20 17:56:31
  Compostable bagasse bowls will replace traditional plastic bowls for food service applications. We cannot continue with the status quo. When we enjoy our compostable delicacies in the future, we'll look back and wonder why it took so long to solve such a simple problem. Many businesses are already replacing their plastic food service disposables with compostable bagasse packaging. Currently, there is four times more plastic in our oceans than plankton. We can no longer ignore this problem and we should all look for solutions.
  compostable bagasse bowls
  Compostable bagasse bowls are a better choice
  Replace disposable food service packaging made from plastic derived from limited fossil resources with alternative, poorly compostable materials. These compostable materials are more suitable for the short functional life of these products and can rapidly biodegrade and return the embodied nutrients to the cycle at the end of their life cycle.
  Many bioplastics and materials such as paper and bagasse are compostable, and composting is nature's way of recycling organic matter. Compostable bagasse is ideal for producing disposable food service products because such packaging is often contaminated with food waste. These containers can be disposed of with leftover food scraps and, with minimal input, they are quickly and naturally converted into a rich organic soil-improved compost.
  Decomposition of compostable bagasse bowls
  Some compostable products require specific conditions to decompose within a specified time frame. That seems to worry some people. While home composting is a positive way to reduce our personal environmental impact, the problem of organic waste ending up in landfills will never be solved by increasing home composting alone. The reason is that far more organic waste is produced away from the home environment. Commercial composting ensures fast and efficient recycling of large quantities of organic materials. Without the support of consumers, businesses and, most importantly, governments, the implementation of organic recycling in a country will continue to grow at a snail's pace. We need to pay attention to how other countries, both developing and developed, are implementing laws and regulations to address the issue of disposable plastic food service packaging.
  Every material used today can and should be recycled and reused, and the reason this is not currently the case is that if you put yourself in the position of the waste industry, then of course they want the cleanest and purest resellable content. The lower the processing cost, the better the output, the more money you make. Then there are the potential wider business benefits, such as managing landfills or making products such as cardboard boxes from recycled materials. The broad issue we have to address is balancing legitimate business interests with environmental sustainability outcomes. Fossil resource-based plastics are cheap, and no one is taking into account the cost of environmental damage caused by these materials. If we invest the same amount of money in developing an efficient recycling industry and subsidize the cost of recycled materials, the balance will tip in favour of recycled materials.
  Compostable bagasse bowls will replace traditional plastic bowls for food service applications. We cannot continue with the status quo. More and more composting infrastructure will eventually meet the obvious needs. Hyde Manufacturers offers environmentally friendly products made from a variety of sustainable materials, including compostable bagasse bowls. If you would like a full set of recyclables for your food service establishment, check out our bagasse container category.

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